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Yedetara togechatta!

Double Scrambled Top Secret Agent, Calvorca Lakeside, geared up in her white, leather catsuit and proceeded to slink into the back door of the local 7-11. She knew that, as cordial as the situation seemed, this would be her most perilous mission yet. As she creeped from aisle to aisle, assuring that the store was empty, she bugged the place with an array of seemingly innocent omelettes (her trademark), but their true purpose was that of destruction with a dash of chaos (not too much, for chaos does not go well with certain variations of ham omelettes, but if too little chaos is present, there is a bad aftertaste that even a yak would disprove of).

As she neared the counter, still undiscovered by the man of apparent Middle Eastern decent standing there, she switched a switch, just to look important. But that switch didn't really do anything. Well, it did send a signal to her house and opened the laundry room door so that her cat could eat supper. Snuggles was a very healthy cat, and was not allowed to eat his food before 4:00pm, but he had to eat it before 7:00pm so that he wouldn't retain calories that would just fatten him up overnight.

All of a sudden, a yelp was heard from beneath the slurpie machine, a figure jumped out and faced Calvorca with a menacing grin upon it's face. It was her archenemy. Well, not THE archenemy. It was probably about third in line, but dayum! That's close to being THE archenemy, ya know?

It was non other than Retractable Third Leg Pooch, the very dog who had killed Calvorca's mother by punching her in the stomach and giving her a malignant stomach ulcer. Terrible, HORRIBLE, dramatic, black and white flashbacks with crying and stuff danced their ugly dance in Calvorca's mind, and before she could attack, the dog punched her in the stomach, causing Calvorca the VERY SAME FATE that had occurred to her dear/dead mother.

And that's when the Tamago Agency put that ad in the paper about a new agent. I applied, but I haven't gotten a call back, yet. I hope I put the write social security number on the form. I always mess that up.
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