Nita Controversy (nitacontroversy) wrote in the_daily_kook,
Nita Controversy

Chase The Moon: Chapter Paranoia

*This story is based on some thoughts that popped into my head for a possible story about really weird people*

There were two women who hadn't seen each other since college which was about 5 years previously and wondered how life had treated them since they left.

The older lady told a tale about meeting her long lost aunt who asked her if she would go with her on a travelling research project. Her old crazy aunt wanted to live her days driving/flying/and sailing around the world every day, never seeing the night come, always moving along when the sun got to a certain position. She didn't understand why, and when she finally asked, her aunt replied, "So I can party my 70 year old ass all day and never sleep! Muhahaha!" The woman decided after a month she didn't want to do it anymore and went back to a regular lifestyle.

The younger lady thought that was the silliest but funniest thing. Then she told her story. "My husband was always spending money like crazy, he would even try to dig in my coats so he could go out and spend. I thought maybe he was either gambling or cheating, but to my surprise, he was only satisfying his fetish for Japanese netsuke figurines that he kept stored in the attic. I didn't mind because I thought it couldn't hurt anything.
"I still hid most of my money in the most unlikely place I thought I could...a pack of Kotex pads. I would put rolls of hundreds into each wrapper and put it back in, and he wouldn't look there, so I thought it was ok. One day, to my horror, he comes bursting out of the room with an armful of money: 'Honey, we're rich!' He had found my stash after looking for a new razor underneath the sink and one roll fell out. Luckily he only thought it was a lucky pack and didn't get to spend it, because I said, 'What money?' and had him committed to an asylum."
After each having told their embarrassing stories, they nodded awkwardly and said goodbye, never to see each other again.
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